Dear Readers,

Every successful company has a secret of success, so even did we have; but that was just not the only reason of upbringing Swadesh Group to this height. Not as an MD, but as a leader I proudly credit this success to my personnel who strived and gave their best to the company. The team who never gets tired in saying yes to efforts and mould every state of art into excellence.

Swadesh Group had always been a dream of my days; fulfilling it would not have been possible without the trustworthy stakeholders, investors and partners who had been backbone of our achievements. Working with eligible and sophisticatedly skilled people helped to keep a friendly functioning environment and that eventually helped Swadesh Group to lead in progress.

I am very glad of what we have accomplished till date and had always delivered me a positive push towards next level. I would definitely say that the next was tough but not impossible. Lastly, my gratitude to all customers who are associated with us and trusted our performance all time.

Mr. Nitin Agrawal
Managing Director
Swadesh Group